Jack Abraham has had a love affair with the Jewelry and Precious stone industry from the moment he started in 1962.

Jack’s motto of “Professionalism, Trust and Integrity” have established him as a leader in the jewelry industry. He was a pioneer of full disclosure for enhancement and origin and has worked together with the Federal Trade Commission to promote greater transparency in the industry. He was a founding member of the American Gem Trade Association and Chairman of the Association’s Ethics Committee, which formulated their code of ethics and business conduct. In 1996 he was honored by the International Gemstone Association for his service as Chairman of the highly successful Ruby Promotion Committee.

As an author and public speaker, Jack has written many educational articles outlining how to properly buy rubies, sapphires and emeralds and how to avoid “being taken advantage of”. One of his most well known publications is his “10 Point How To Buy Guide”. His expertise and passion have made him a favorite source for industry articles and quotations in “Gems and Gemology”, “National Jeweler”, “National Geographic”, “The New York Times”, “Forbes”, and “Barron’s”.

Known for the colorful collection of Cowboy hats he wears in shows around the world, this “Ruby Baron” has been on a passionate quest for rubies and sapphires that “speak to him”. Now, some fifty years later, he has acquired one of the finest collections of Rubies and Sapphires available in North America.

Jack has received numerous awards, such as “The World’s Most Beautiful Ruby 2017” Award presented by HRH Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol of Thailand. This magnificent gem is part of his unique collection of certified Rubies from Burma, Thailand, Mozambique and Madagascar; Sapphires from Kashmir, Burma, Ceylon and Madagascar; Emeralds from Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. Jack’s collection is set in hand crafted jewelry carefully designed to bring to life the soul of each gem.

A collector, an artist, an industry pioneer, a leader, Jack continues his passionate quest for that next exquisite gem that says, “buy me”.

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