Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. Their red color is due to the presence of the element chromium in the mineral. This vibrant red gem is the emotional expression of desire, passion, love, wealth and success. The historical lore surrounding these mystical qualities, coupled with their beauty and rarity have made rubies one of the most sought after gems in the world today. From early cultures that believed rubies held the power of life to their biblical association with attributes like beauty and wisdom, from early Burmese warriors who carried them in battle to make themselves invincible to medieval Europeans who wore them to guarantee health, wealth, and wisdom, this red gem continues to fascinate and beguile buyers in the modern world.

The most renowned rubies come from Burma (Magok). Other sources are Thailand, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kenya, and Malawi. The most desirable shade of ruby is a pure, rich red, often referred to as “pigeon’s blood”. Their value is measured in terms of color, clarity, size, enhancement, and many other physical properties.

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